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Workers’ Compensation Basics
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Workers’ Compensation Basics

Workers’ compensation is a system of insurance designed to pay benefits to employees who are hurt on the job.

Workers’ Compensation Basics

If you’re hurt on the job in California, you may be wondering who will pay for your injuries.  You may be unable to work for a period of time, or limited in what you can do, and you likely have substantial medial bills and a need for ongoing treatment.  The good news is that if you’ve been hurt while at work, you can be compensated through the workers’ compensation system.

Workers’ compensation is an insurance system that employers are required to pay into on behalf of their employees.  If a worker is hurt in any way while on the job, then he or she will likely be compensated for his or her losses through this system.  It is designed to make sure that anyone who is injured or disabled at work obtains a monetary award — often eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

While you may be tempted to pursue a workers’ compensation claim on your own, remember that the insurance company has a team of specialists (and often attorneys) representing it.  They often work to minimize or deny an employee’s claim, which makes it all the more important that you have an experienced Riverside workers’ compensation to represent you in these cases.  A lawyer can help you fill out the paperwork, represent you at a hearing, and appeal any negative decision on your case. 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As a general rule, workers’ compensation benefits typically include payment for medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of future earnings, and potentially vocational rehabilitation to help an employee train for a new job.  The exact type and amount of benefit that you will receive will depend on the facts of your case, including how badly you were injured and what type of work you are able to perform.  For example, if you work at a job requiring heavy lifting and you broke your arm, your ability to go back to work will be more seriously impacted than a person who works at a desk job. If a worker is killed on the job, workers’ compensation benefits may include funeral expenses and potentially wage replacement for the survivors.

While many workers’ compensation cases involve accidents, such as falling down the stairs, being hit by a forklift in a warehouse, or a falling object hitting an employee, other injuries also qualify for benefits.  This could include exposure to hazardous chemicals or injuries from repetitive motion (such as carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a computer all day).  Essentially, if the injury happens on the job or is connected to your work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.  For example, if you are required to go to customer’s homes as part of your job and you trip and fall on a sidewalk, that is a work-related injury that may qualify for benefits.

One of the most important parts of a workers’ compensation claim is the independent medical examination, or IME.  This is where a doctor selected by the insurance company examines you and files a report with the insurance company.  This report is then used by the insurer to determine your potential benefits or compensation offer.

The IME is just one part of the process that could result in you getting less compensation than you deserve for your injuries.  That is why it is so important to consult with an experienced Riverside workers’ compensation attorney after you have been injured on the job — especially if you believe that the insurance company or your employer might challenge your right to benefits.  It is also critical to file a claim with your employer as soon as possible through an incident or accident report so that there is a record of what happened.  

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