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Product Liability

Product Liability

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Product Liability

We help hold manufacturers of defective products liable for the injuries they cause.

When defective products cause illness or injury, the manufacturers should provide compensation. Unfortunately, most manufacturers work hard to find any possible reason to deny or reduce this compensation.

The best way to make sure your rights and interests are properly represented is to hire an experienced product liability attorney to handle your case.

Who Better to Choose than The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker?

When you hire The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker as your product liability attorney, you don’t just get our attorneys on your case. You also get access to the resources of a nationally recognized team of law firms that we partner with to give our clients the best possible chance of maximum recovery in these tough cases. So far, we have met with considerable success in our product liability cases, with over 200 Vioxx, 200 Firestone tire/Ford rollover, and over 150 Sulzer artificial hip cases won.

Types of Product Liability Cases

When companies allow products with dangerous defects to come to market, they become liable for the results. Some examples of the types of defects that can justify a product liability claim include:

  • Design Defects--Like a vehicle with poorly designed head restraints that cause or worsen whiplash injuries
  • Manufacturing Defects--When products are made using substandard materials or contaminated by dirty processing equipment, the manufacturer should be liable
  • Machine Defects--Such as factory equipment that causes serious injuries like crushed fingers, amputations, burns, etc.

Of course, product manufacturers never want to admit that they have allowed their products to endanger the public. They will oppose your claim, but our experienced attorneys know how to fight back against their arguments. We’ll work hard to secure the evidence necessary to prove your case and secure the compensation you need and deserve.

Now You May Wonder…

…What Is My Case Worth?

Depending on the type of illness or injury you have suffered, you may be able to seek the following types of compensation in your product liability claim:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Death benefits (in case of wrongful death)
  • Punitive damages (to punish companies for particularly egregious misconduct)

The exact amount of compensation you could receive is often difficult to predict, especially if you are involved in a class action lawsuit. However, you can always count on our attorneys to fight for maximum compensation in your case.

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