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Paying for a Personal Injury Attorney
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Paying for a Personal Injury Attorney

A contingency fee plan means you only pay your lawyer if you get money.

Paying for a Personal Injury AttorneyMany Americans do not have the money to pay steep lawyer’s fees.  They may be living paycheck to paycheck, putting money towards their kids’ needs, or simply trying to meet their daily living expenses.  If you are in an accident, your financial difficulties may only increase.  You may be facing mounting medical bills, household bills and may not be able to work to pay these bills.  You want to file a lawsuit to get the responsible party to pay for these expenses, but simply do not have the extra cash.  So how can you recover compensation if you can’t pay a Riverside personal injury attorney?

The good news is that most personal attorneys do not charge fees unless they get money for you.  That means that you pay absolutely nothing up front.  Your lawyer will work for free, and will only get paid if you get a settlement or award.  At the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we offer this type of fee arrangement to all of our clients, because we know that it is difficult enough to get by after an accident without the added stress of trying to pay for a personal injury lawyer.

This type of fee arrangement is known as a contingency fee.  It works like this: a Riverside personal injury attorney agrees to represent a client without being paid, with the understanding that if the lawyer recovers money for the client, he or she will be paid a percentage of that recovery as their fee.  The exact percentage will vary based on the terms of the agreement and how the case proceeds.  It is usually between 30 and 40 percent of your recovery, with the higher percentage usually required if the case goes to trial.  Typically, the client also pays costs — such as filing fees, court reporter and deposition expenses, and assorted other costs — in addition to the attorney fees.  All of these expenses are taken out at the conclusion of the case, once a settlement has been reached or a judge or jury has decided in your favor.  If you do not get a settlement or win at trial, then you will not be required to pay attorneys’ fees.  The lawyer getting paid is contingent on you getting money; if you do not get some type of compensation for your accident, then you will not be responsible for attorneys’ fees.

Contingency fee arrangements help people who otherwise could not afford to hire a lawyer get high quality representation.  It allows clients to file a claim or a lawsuit against a person who has caused them harm, without having to worry about how they will be able to pay the lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we work with our clients to make sure that they get the help they need, regardless of their ability to pay.  We never charge our clients a fee unless we recover money for them, and our initial consultations are always free.  Contact our office today at 800-333-0000 or info@larryhparker.com to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you if you have been injured in any type of accident.


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