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Do Not Fall for These Common Tricks from Car Insurance Adjusters and Their Employers
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Do Not Fall for These Common Tricks from Car Insurance Adjusters and Their Employers

Do Not Fall for These Common Tricks from Car Insurance Adjusters and Their Employers

Ideally, when a person is injured in a car accident and there is a clear at-fault party the insurance company of that party would step up and pay full damages to the injured party. Unfortunately, this is far from reality in many cases. Remember that the insurance company is there for one reason: To make money. As a result, their top priority is not giving you the money you need.

At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we strongly recommend that you do not deal with an insurance adjuster or insurance company without consulting with a personal injury attorney. We also recommend that you become familiar with some of the common tricks they may try to pull on you. Call us at 800-333-0000 right away if you are in need of legal assistance.

Offering a Quick Settlement

This seems like a good thing but it is not. if an insurance adjuster reaches out to you as soon as the claim is reported, try to act as though they have your best interests in mind, and offer to settle the case quickly and fairly, this is actually a huge red flag. Why? Because as soon as you accept that settlement, you are signing away your right to future claims. What if your injuries are more serious than you first expected? You will have no recourse.

“Requiring” a Recorded Statement

You are likely to start getting calls from the insurance company soon after the accident occurred. They will want to get any statement from you on record. They may seem to ask innocent questions but their goal is to either get you to admit to something or to make even a minor difference in one statement to another. You are not required to make any recorded statements and we recommend that you refuse to do so.

Being Blamed for the Accident

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to try and prove someone was at fault when they are not. They may say that they are “willing” to accept partial blame just to get the situation taken care of, as long as you are willing to do so the same. They may act as though it is a foregone conclusion that you are at fault or partially at fault. Do not argue with them. Do not give a statement. Contact an attorney and get advice on your particular case.

Suggesting or Implying You Should Not Hire an Attorney

Any time a person you are not close to suggests you do not hire an attorney, it is likely they have something to gain if you listen to them. It may be that your case is simple and does not require the help of an attorney but it is worth talking to one to find out. You can reach out to The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 today for a free legal consultation.

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