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Can a Pedestrian Be Found at Fault for Their Own Accident? Learn About Distracted Walking
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Can a Pedestrian Be Found at Fault for Their Own Accident? Learn About Distracted Walking

Can a Pedestrian Be Found at Fault for Their Own Accident? Learn About Distracted Walking

We've all heard about the perils of driving while distracted. To deter individuals from using their cellphones while driving, complete marketing campaigns and legislation have been implemented. And rightly so: using your phone while driving in any form is very dangerous, and has become a leading cause of accidents among people of all ages, particularly teens.

However, drivers aren't the only ones who are prone to being distracted. It turns out that a significant number of walkers are likewise preoccupied. According to a University of Washington study at one crossroads, over 30% of pedestrians were distracted in some manner when crossing the street. Texting, conversing on the phone, listening to music, and other uses of their phone were all covered.

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Is it all about smart phones?

Smart phones and social media have become an inextricable aspect of modern life, and it appears that they are here to stay. When you're out and about, though, being hooked to your phone may be very risky, especially when crossing a roadway. Because you are not paying attention, you may trip and fall on a sidewalk or path, collide with someone or something, or even get hit by a car.

We witness the outcomes of pedestrian-vehicle crashes as Riverside pedestrian accident attorneys, and we know it's not a risk anybody should ever take.

Wait until you get there to read your texts

If you're going someplace - to work, lunch, the shop, or anywhere else — do yourself and your fellow people a favor by wearing a helmet. Put your phone aside and wait to take a call, react to a text, or check social media until you are somewhere secure. Nothing is so urgent that it can't wait — and if it is, you should be able to accept the call or respond to the text to email in a secure location. Distracted walking is extremely risky and can result in significant injury in the event of an accident.

How to handle yourself as a driver

You should be aware, as a motorist, that many pedestrians are just not paying attention. Through junctions, proceed with caution, and keep in mind that a walker may be more focused on what is on his or her screen than on the environment around them. In crowded places, such as downtown districts, near schools and playgrounds, and in parking lots, be particularly cautious.

While we hope that pedestrians begin to pay greater attention to the cars around them, the safest course of action for drivers is to constantly be aware of the possibilities of inattentive pedestrians on the roadways.

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